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Workshop Organizer is light-weight, cross platform inventory controller for home-workshops. This application is specifically design to manage electronic/electrical components at home-workshops, but it can use to manage other areas of workshop including tools, machinery and mechanical components, etc.
Workshop Organizer on Windows 8.1
Workshop Organizer is a native mode portable application and it does not require any framework to execute.

Support platforms and database

Workshop Organizer application executables are available for Windows and Linux platforms with both 32bit and 64bit architecture support. This application use SQLite database system to store contents and database is open (unencrypted) for further modifications.


This is an open source free software project, all the source codes of this project are available at We are expecting your comments and contributions to improve and fix issues in this application. All the contents of Workshop Organizer project are distribute under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.0.

Downloads & Links

Compiled Executables of Workshop Organizer is available to download for following platforms and architectures:
Following custom database configurations are also available to download (optional):
Documentation of this project is available in following locations:
Workshop Organizer is developed using Lazarus (Free Pascal IDE) and all the images used in this project are taken from tango-icon-theme package. Workshop Organizer project icon is obtained from Iconshock.

All the content of Workshop Organizer is hosted at

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